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Welcome to Mother Nurture UK where we support mothers by holding space for them to relax and bond with their baby on and around Mersea Island, Essex

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Founded in 2020 on the wave of global pandemic, Mother Nurture UK was born from a growing need of community in early motherhood. The global crisis highlighted the importance of connection and loving touch more than ever. Mother Nurture UK aims to create time and space for mothers, along with their babies, to come together to SHARE their experiences, SUPPORT one another, LISTEN to each other and LEARN techniques designed to promote bonding, wellness and love.

Jessica Smith, the founder of Mother Nurture UK, is a former primary school assistant head teacher and senior leader in education. After having her daughter, Florence, she decided she wanted to stay within the motherhood community after maternity leave and retrain as a baby wellness practitioner. 

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family"

Mother Theresa

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Testimonials From Our Clients

My baby and I absolutely loved this course. Jess was extremely friendly and welcoming and we felt immediately relaxed. Jess was really knowledgeable and demonstrated the routine well, there was no pressure to join in with everything if our baby was getting tired. It was a great bonding experience for my baby and I and was great to meet other mums and their babies. I highly recommend this course to fellow parents.


Jess created such a beautifully serene setting for our baby massage taster that all my stresses seemed to melt off my shoulders as we entered.
It was wonderful to do something so beneficial for Eddie in terms of our bonding but also his development too. But what I really loved about the session was how it wasn't solely baby focused, it really felt like the session gave me some time for myself too. I felt wonderfully refreshed.
Jess shared her wealth of knowledge and engaging conversations, it was so insightful. She was very warming and so lovely, really was a great experience in every aspect.


My baby and I had such a wonderful experience at baby massage. My daughter loved it, she was so relaxed by the end of the session and would often fall asleep on the way home! It has been a useful tool to learn and we now bring baby massage into our nap time routine, it’s lovely to do something that brings us closer together.The classes had such a relaxed atmosphere and were completely baby lead. Jess was knowledgeable, support and was always there to answer is any baby related questions. Would highly recommend this group to any new mum and I look forward to more of Jess’s groups in the future.


My baby and I came to baby massage group in Nov - Dec 2020. During a time when we’ve barely had any social contact with others, it was a highlight to be able to come to your group and meet other mums and babies. I’m sure it cannot have been easy making sure you followed all the COVID protocols, but we were glad you made it happen.


Thank you, Anna & Hugo.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” 

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