Mother and Baby Exercising

Baby Massage

From 8 weeks to crawling.

Using traditional Indian and Swedish massage strokes and reflexology you will learn a new routine every week building up to a full body baby massage. These nurturing sessions are designed to give you 1:1 time relaxing and bonding with your little one. 

Massage has a wealth of fantastic benefits for both mother and baby such as:

  • Relief- from colic, digestion problems, dry skin, teething pain and congestion

  • Relaxation- massage releases relaxation hormones which activate the body's relaxation responses, for both mother and baby.

  • Stimulation- massage stimulates circulation and encourages brain development.

  • Bonding- massage uses the release of oxytocin (the love hormone), eye contact, loving touch and smell to help the mother and baby bonding process. 

As well as these benefits for your baby, learning baby massage in a relaxed environment, surrounded by other new mothers is enormously good for your well-being. In our baby massage classes we follow the mantra Share, Support, Listen and Learn. We Share our experiences and feelings, our advice and wisdom. We Support one another through 'just' listening, holding space and offering practical advice or signposting to other services. We Listen to one another; sometimes we need space to have our feelings heard free from judgement or fixing. Finally we Learn new skills and ideas which promote our own self esteem and well being. In our culture this support is often lost and our classes aim to provide this through a shared sense of community. 

Massage oils and handouts all provided as well as a celebratory massage graduation ceremony, certificate, goody bag and baby yoga taster in the final week. 

We also offer private 1:1 courses either in person or online. I am happy to work from my home or yours. Please message for more details. 


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