Soothe, Settle and Sleep

Personalised 1:1 or small group workshops for colic and unsettledness

Newborn Sleeping

What is Colic?

Colic is the umbrella term  used for persistent and sustained periods of unsettledness and inconsolable crying in new born and young babies.
It can be for a variety of reasons but can be extremely distressing for both  baby and parents. 1 in 5 babies will suffer from colic in the first few months of life so it is very common, but this doesn't make it any less upsetting. Periods of crying quite often occur late afternoon into the evening, something that is often  referred to as the "witching hours".
Fortunately our qualified Colic Consultant is here to help you.

Soothe Settle and Sleep Programme

After a free initial telephone consultation, our qualified colic consultant can visit you and baby in your own home to share with you techniques to soothe, settle and help baby sleep in a nurturing, calm and loving way. 

The 90 minute sessions will cover:

  • causes of unsettledness and colic

  • settling techniques

  • massage strokes and routines

  • baby yoga moves and holds

  •  soothing sequences for your day times to alleviate periods of evening distress

  • parental self care and a self care goody bag

Baby massage oil, handouts and a Colic SOS booklet are all provided as well as a self care goody bag. Our sessions can be adapted to suit your needs and are completely relaxed and baby led. 

Our 1:1 session can also be adapted for small groups for a discounted price, please get in touch.


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