Why practise baby massage?

Baby massage is a centuries old practice designed to support bonding and meet babies’ health, social and spiritual needs. The benefits of baby massage are wide and varied and we can split these into four main categories:


Would you like to learn the tools to provide your baby with relief from colic, wind, teething, colds and upset naturally and from home? Would you like to be able to soothe your baby anywhere with only the use of your hands? Baby massage can do this.


Would you like a way to reduce stress hormones in the body of both you and your baby and replace them with love and feel good hormones? These hormones help reduce blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rates whilst increasing appetite and aid in overall infant development. Baby massage helps mother and baby to release these hormones. By being relaxed around our baby we are teaching them how to relax.

Stimulation and development

Would you like to increase your close physical contact with your baby in a productive way? Are you keen to ensure your baby is able to process stimulating environments and information? Are you hoping to support your baby’s brain development and also their capacity for empathy as they grow older? Baby massage supports all of these things!


Do you want to bond further with your baby through close contact, eye contact, smell, voice and nurturing touch? Bonding and attachment shape the way we grow as humans and can be the difference between happy healthy individuals or those suffering from poor mental health. Baby massage supports the bonding process through the senses therefore aiding in secure attachment between child and caregiver looking at improved outcomes as a child grows.

What about you?

As well as these benefits for your baby, learning baby massage in a relaxed environment, surrounded by others new mothers is enormously good for your well-being. In our baby massage classes we follow the mantra Share, Support, Listen and Learn. We Share our experiences and feelings, our advice and anecdotes. We Support one another through 'just' listening, holding space and offering practical advice or signposting to other services. We Listen to one another; sometimes we need space to have our feelings heard free from judgement or fixing. Finally we Learn new skills and ideas which promote our own self esteem and well being. In our culture this support is often lost and our classes aim to provide this space.

We all want what is best for our children and through baby massage we can show our care, love and support for our little ones through simple massage routines and uninterrupted bonding time. Whatever your reasons for wanting to do baby massage you can be sure to find it a wonderfully relaxing way to bond and connect with your lovely little one with mutual enjoyment.

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